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Get Ready, Get Set…Almost Time To GO!!!!

So the BIG DAY is finally here!  I can hardly believe it.

I have managed to get everything wrapped up at the office and at home, including a mini clean out of Chloe’s room…You know, the type of clean out that goes on when the kids aren’t there to “supervise” what does and does not make the cut.  The house is clean, beds are made, refrigerator cleared out, not a stitch of dirty laundry in the house.  Brian thought this massive cleaning endeavor was a bit of an overkill, but hey, if bad guys break in while we are away, I would die if they thought the house was a wreck.  I mean, I do have standards to maintain!  Although if bad guys do break in while we are gone, there’s nothing left to take:  I pretty much packed it all.

For months I have been reading up on the joys of packing light.  I really, really wanted to do some of that stuff.  Until it was time to pack.  I just “might need” so much stuff!!!  I “what if’ed” myself into  6 pairs of shoes & 4 purses, 12 outfits (including accessories), 3 dresses, a raincoat & 2 toiletry bags.  So while I may have missed the mark on ‘minimalist’ travel, I think I may have covered all the bases.  Of course, if there is a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ or two, I am going to be in Paris–the shopping capital of the universe.  And since mama didn’t raise no dummy, I packed a very large collapsible duffle bag, just in case I need an extra suitcase to bring home all of my Parisian treasures.

Today we fly into Charlotte, then off to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.  I have my trusty Benadryl packed, and *hopefully* will be able to sleep on this trans continental flight.  I say *hopefully* because when we get to Paris, we need to hit the ground running!  Our itinerary is more than a little jam packed.  To keep my sanity intact (too late), I found a pendaflex folder and divided out all of our activities by date…So each day we wake up, we can pull out the tickets, receipts, reservations, etc for whatever it is I dreamed up we need to do that particular day.  Yes, it’s a little OCD.  But that is how I roll.

Stay tuned tomorrow for updates on our flight, checking in to our 3 mortgage payments…I mean, Hotel Renaissance Paris Vendome  … 

The agenda also includes our visit to the Eiffel Tower, lunch at Jules Verne, and whatever trouble we find along the way. 



Hip Hop Nation & Father’s Day…All Rolled Into One Fine Weekend!

Well, I am running a couple of days behind on my bloggy blog.  Not sure if it’s getting the girls ready for camp, packing for Paris, trying to make sure I have worried about everything that could possibly go wrong…or a combination of all 3…However I find my mind wandering every which way but loose this week!  I think that is a sure fire I-Need-A-Vacay signal!

Enough about my current state of mind.

I am ready to recap the weekend!

Chloe’s hip hop dance recital on Saturday was cute as a button!  (Though, I am not sure “cute as a button” is street enough to describe a hip hop dance performance…)  We were slotted in the 11 a.m. time slot, smack dab in the middle of my prime pool time…why the planners that be over at Explore! didn’t check with me about this very important weekend time is beyond me—but I digress.

Chloe’s group was the BEST!  After several cute little kids watching their dance instructors in the wings slash waving at their parents in the audience while looking generally bewildered, we enjoyed a cohesive hip hop performance by 4 little white girls.  Larry & Melinda joined us as well, and we had a chance to pose for some sweet photo op’s after the show:

Yes, we are the whitest family in town.  REPRESENT!

What, what?  A headspin?  Oh no she didn’t….(really, she actually didn’t)

Here’s Grandma & Grandpa breaking it down for us:

On Sunday, the girls were super excited about the Father’s Day gifts they made for Brian.  A framed expression of “Brian is a great dad because…”  Chloe went with her “superhero” theme of late, and Casey went with a long wordy narrative about Brian helping her make important life decisions.  Both outstanding reasons!  We hung the frames in our bathroom, and hopefully when the girls are driving him banana sandwiches, he will reflect on this greater meaning in their being, and they will all hold hands and skip in harmony around the living room.  A girl can dream, right?

Papa & Amanda joined us for grillin’ and chillin’ poolside for lunch.  We had a nice visit, and even saw Papa get in the pool!  Crazy times…Alas, I wish I had my camera handy that day, but I was so preoccupied with making up for my lost sun time, I completely forgot.  The Coronas didn’t remind me, either. 

Sunday night we enjoyed our special Father’s Day dinner with perfectly prepared filet mignon (by our resident Griller In Chief), Casey’s salad with secret stolen a la Chloe, and sweet potatoes.  Don’t forget the cheesecake!

Great weekend, great times.  5813 is the place to be this summer!

Backyard Pool Par-tay Weekend

What a great weekend!  Hot weather…and I mean HOT…sparkling blue pool…and I mean SPARKLING…plus my three favorite people on the planet, all equals one fantastic good time 🙂  And who said math can’t be fun?

Basically we enjoyed a welcome change of pace:  a weekend at Casa Phillips.  The accomodations have everything we like and the travel time cannot be beat.  Two solid days of backyard fun; lots of treading water competitions, swim off’s, good food, and good times.  We even mixed in a UFC fight, just so I could catch up on my sleep (I tried SO HARD to stay awake this time too!)

I did not want the weekend to ever be over, because I am pretty sure these are the times I will miss when Casey goes to college in ONE. SHORT. YEAR.  (sniff, sniff)…

On the bright side, we are one day closer to Paris!  YIPPEEEEEE!  I surrrrrrre am getting restless about this trip.  I even had Brian get the big daddy suitcase out of the attic…The one I had to have about 5 years ago, you know, for our eventual trip to Paris.  Then because we already had the luggage, really we were obligated at that point, so my plan came together!  ((throwing head back in evil laughter)).  Just kidding!

Seriously though, counting down the days…

Beachy Keen!

So, I am finally catching up from our trip to Myrtle Beach this past week…What a blast! 

Friday we rolled in town around 3 pm, straight to Casa de Mel.  Joel was waiting for us & we hung out for a bit until Mel got home from work.  After she got in, we went to one of her fav restaurants for some delish Italian.  June, our medicated-yet-charming waitress, zipped out one dish after another from the kitchen.  Mmmm mmm good. 

After dinner, we met up with Jake the Snake & went to Mel’s local hot spot at Broadway at the Beach…Shuckers.  We got pretty shucked up, and here’s the photo to prove it:

No worries–Scooterman escorted us home safely.  Or at least that’s what they tell me.

Saturday, we slept in until around 10:30, then went to Bojangles for brunch.  A crazy lady in a yellow maxi dress came in and helped herself to about 4 “complimentary” beverages and Joel choked out his chicken plate.  Enough said.

After Bojo’s, back to Mel’s for a field trip to the “Secret Pool”…chilled with her friend, Dustin, our friend, Corona, and a tiny green tree frog.

For dinner it was back to Broadway.  Met up with Snakey Jakey again & headed to Landry’s.  My meal was the best by far; a mixed grill of seafood and vegetables.  Mmmm mmmm good.  The highlight of my night was making it to Senor Frogs for the tank top of my dreams.  My previously unrequited love of Senor Frogs clothing was finally fulfilled.  One more thing checked off Ye Olde Bucket List.  Yay!

After a night of bar hopping, we ended up back at some sketchball eatery near Jake’s place.  Brian remembered it fondly from his days at Coastal…and I’m pretty sure they used the same food that they had in cooler back in 1998 when he was there.  Spent the night at Jake’s, and had a ridiculously fantastic brunch at Magnolia’s for breakfast.  Joel stacked all the creamers into a little tower of terror, and Jake was annoyed by his antics and verbally assaulted his intellect.  Brian felt sick & complained of his need for additional rest and/or vomiting and/or bathroom breaks.  So basically, I was hanging out with the 4th grade.  Always fun for giggles, and the prime rib was outstanding.

Since it was 95 degrees, and we were, after all, at the BEACH, Brian and I finally headed to the shore.  We did some walking, talking, and general hanging out.  Maybe my favorite part of the trip 🙂 …but it was all pretty fantastical all the way around.

We headed home around 3 o’clock when the children started text stalking us, and we figured out we couldn’t stay forever.  Plus, it was getting pretty hot and sandy.

What a great weekend!

Look out Redneck Riviera…Here We Come!

Since I am so over my home improvement project that’s gone horribly awry, I am realllllly looking forward to our weekend vacay in Myrtle Beach!  I have not been to the beach in over a year, and I miss that salty sea air & sand in my toes something fierce.  We are lucky enough to stay at Casa Mel…mixing in a little Jake Brown, and even Donkey Joel is coming in from the ATL to join the fun.  If this weekend proves to be the same as last, we will have lots of laughs, donuts, drinks, choke outs and all around good times.  CANNOT WAIT!  As usual, I will update the bloggy blog & my facebook page on the regular (for all my stalkers out there in cyberspace!)

Tragedy strikes at 5813!!!!

So after a fun filled, exhausting weekend at Grandpa George’s in the ATL (holla!), BBP and I were super excited about the prospect of getting sudsy in our brand new shower after we got home…Since the door we selected was on eternal backorder, I opted to shower in the girls bathroom again this morning.  (As anyone that knows me can attest, the ‘getting ready’ process can take a minute or 60 for me…not exactly a quick hop in hop out no-shower-door-friendly type of situation).  However, Brian was feeling adventurous and opted to shower sans door.  Sadly, the water decided not to go down the drain…rather, it opted to puddle in the basin.  Clearly we realized this to be a problem & immediately phoned Bath Fitters after getting to the office.

Bath Fitters sent out a plumber to meet with Brian at noon.  When he arrived, the downstairs ceiling looked a little something like this:

UH to the OH!!!!  What a mess.

Turns out the drain was improperly aligned, leaked on my freshly scraped and painted downstairs ceiling, and caused this big ole mess.

Now the new shower has to be replaced with a new shower.   And the new ceiling has to be replaced with a new ceiling.  And I still have to use the girls bathroom!!!!  Tragedy indeed!