Tragedy strikes at 5813!!!!

So after a fun filled, exhausting weekend at Grandpa George’s in the ATL (holla!), BBP and I were super excited about the prospect of getting sudsy in our brand new shower after we got home…Since the door we selected was on eternal backorder, I opted to shower in the girls bathroom again this morning.  (As anyone that knows me can attest, the ‘getting ready’ process can take a minute or 60 for me…not exactly a quick hop in hop out no-shower-door-friendly type of situation).  However, Brian was feeling adventurous and opted to shower sans door.  Sadly, the water decided not to go down the drain…rather, it opted to puddle in the basin.  Clearly we realized this to be a problem & immediately phoned Bath Fitters after getting to the office.

Bath Fitters sent out a plumber to meet with Brian at noon.  When he arrived, the downstairs ceiling looked a little something like this:

UH to the OH!!!!  What a mess.

Turns out the drain was improperly aligned, leaked on my freshly scraped and painted downstairs ceiling, and caused this big ole mess.

Now the new shower has to be replaced with a new shower.   And the new ceiling has to be replaced with a new ceiling.  And I still have to use the girls bathroom!!!!  Tragedy indeed!

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