Beachy Keen!

So, I am finally catching up from our trip to Myrtle Beach this past week…What a blast! 

Friday we rolled in town around 3 pm, straight to Casa de Mel.  Joel was waiting for us & we hung out for a bit until Mel got home from work.  After she got in, we went to one of her fav restaurants for some delish Italian.  June, our medicated-yet-charming waitress, zipped out one dish after another from the kitchen.  Mmmm mmm good. 

After dinner, we met up with Jake the Snake & went to Mel’s local hot spot at Broadway at the Beach…Shuckers.  We got pretty shucked up, and here’s the photo to prove it:

No worries–Scooterman escorted us home safely.  Or at least that’s what they tell me.

Saturday, we slept in until around 10:30, then went to Bojangles for brunch.  A crazy lady in a yellow maxi dress came in and helped herself to about 4 “complimentary” beverages and Joel choked out his chicken plate.  Enough said.

After Bojo’s, back to Mel’s for a field trip to the “Secret Pool”…chilled with her friend, Dustin, our friend, Corona, and a tiny green tree frog.

For dinner it was back to Broadway.  Met up with Snakey Jakey again & headed to Landry’s.  My meal was the best by far; a mixed grill of seafood and vegetables.  Mmmm mmmm good.  The highlight of my night was making it to Senor Frogs for the tank top of my dreams.  My previously unrequited love of Senor Frogs clothing was finally fulfilled.  One more thing checked off Ye Olde Bucket List.  Yay!

After a night of bar hopping, we ended up back at some sketchball eatery near Jake’s place.  Brian remembered it fondly from his days at Coastal…and I’m pretty sure they used the same food that they had in cooler back in 1998 when he was there.  Spent the night at Jake’s, and had a ridiculously fantastic brunch at Magnolia’s for breakfast.  Joel stacked all the creamers into a little tower of terror, and Jake was annoyed by his antics and verbally assaulted his intellect.  Brian felt sick & complained of his need for additional rest and/or vomiting and/or bathroom breaks.  So basically, I was hanging out with the 4th grade.  Always fun for giggles, and the prime rib was outstanding.

Since it was 95 degrees, and we were, after all, at the BEACH, Brian and I finally headed to the shore.  We did some walking, talking, and general hanging out.  Maybe my favorite part of the trip 🙂 …but it was all pretty fantastical all the way around.

We headed home around 3 o’clock when the children started text stalking us, and we figured out we couldn’t stay forever.  Plus, it was getting pretty hot and sandy.

What a great weekend!

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