Backyard Pool Par-tay Weekend

What a great weekend!  Hot weather…and I mean HOT…sparkling blue pool…and I mean SPARKLING…plus my three favorite people on the planet, all equals one fantastic good time 🙂  And who said math can’t be fun?

Basically we enjoyed a welcome change of pace:  a weekend at Casa Phillips.  The accomodations have everything we like and the travel time cannot be beat.  Two solid days of backyard fun; lots of treading water competitions, swim off’s, good food, and good times.  We even mixed in a UFC fight, just so I could catch up on my sleep (I tried SO HARD to stay awake this time too!)

I did not want the weekend to ever be over, because I am pretty sure these are the times I will miss when Casey goes to college in ONE. SHORT. YEAR.  (sniff, sniff)…

On the bright side, we are one day closer to Paris!  YIPPEEEEEE!  I surrrrrrre am getting restless about this trip.  I even had Brian get the big daddy suitcase out of the attic…The one I had to have about 5 years ago, you know, for our eventual trip to Paris.  Then because we already had the luggage, really we were obligated at that point, so my plan came together!  ((throwing head back in evil laughter)).  Just kidding!

Seriously though, counting down the days…

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