Unrealistic, How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways…

So how unrealistic was I to believe that I could 1. count on the internet in a foreign country to be as accessible as what I am used to at home, and 2. to think that I could dash out a blog post everyday while on vacay???

After Day 1, I could see that it wasn’t going to happen. I did try to keep my photos updated, which was good. Otherwise I may have never uploaded them all. And for my facebook comrades out there, I do not *really* believe that other people want to look at 11 days of photos taken of interesting architecture, or some Metro sign that I plan to print out in black and white for my foyer…I use pixelbook to order my photos & they have a handy dandy tool that connects right to my facebook albums. So, I figure it is easier to upload to one place…and have the added advantage of  boring all of my  friends  and acquaintances dating back to the 1st grade, all in one convenient location. Genius, right?

But I digress…back to the daily blogisode. Fear not! I do fully intend to break down each and every day of our fantastic voyage, now that I am home. I took a few notes along the way, and have my photos to help jog my memories through the hazier moments. I am really looking forward to summarizing every day.  I hope it will help me remember every single moment of this amazing vacation. I learned so much about Paris…Europe…and even myself, my family, and our own great country here in the US.

Stay tuned, gentle reader…More to follow! 🙂

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