7.7.7…A.K.A: Time To Get Our Celebration On…

After our walk back the center of Reims, we hit the room for a quick wardrobe change.  We decided to go to a seafood restaurant for our anniversary dinner.  The food looked good when we walked by the night before, and I can hardly resist the charms of Larry the Lobster walking around in a tank, blissfully unaware that he is about to be my dinner.  Okay, just kidding.  That sounds cruel.  I really prefer all lobster murdering to go on behind the scenes & I am the one that is blissfully unaware.  But thanks to Food, Inc. I no longer have that luxury…but that is a whole other blog post.

So, we are seated on the sidewalk and order our frosty beverages.  I really wanted a mojito, however nobody in Reims seemed to have heard of it.  Or maybe it was my Southern  pronounciation that was throwing them off.  You know how I say it:  mow-hee-toe.    They don’t call me the Geico pothole for nothin’, y’all.

Anyway, Brian placed his order with our server & tried to order a salad.   The server acted like he was crazy (how did he know?  does our reputation precede us, even in Europe?).  Through a series of hand gestures and charades, the waiter conveyed to us that Brian ordered a very large meal & a salad would be overkill.  We took his word for it…And when he brought this double decker plate set up to the table, we figured he probably did have a point:

And I went with the less epic, yet equally delicious:

After dinner we walked around for a bit, and treated ourselves to an ice cream cone.   We stopped at a few bars for a cocktail or four, but nothing really enticed us long enough to stay.  Plus we were pretty tired from the events of the day.  We headed back to our room & fell asleep in about 3.8 seconds, give or take a 0.1 second or two.

The next day we hit our favorite breakfast spot again.  The coffee was delish.

Then back to our room to pack up & check out.  Our train was not scheduled to leave Reims until 4 p.m & we were really all Reims’d out.  So we went to the train station & upgraded to a direct train that left at 11 a.m.  Double score!

Good bye, Reims!  Don’t forget to write!

So we loaded up & headed to the train station.  Guess what, Paris??  The Griswolds Phillips’ are baaaaaackkkk!

P.S.  If you are interested in reading more about our fabulous wedding, visit http://ashleeandbrian.weddingannouncer.com/

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