Okay, Okay, Okay…

I have been neglectful of my blog posts.  Writing about Paris was much more overwhelming than I anticipated, and I STILL have 2 days left to do a play-by-play.  Maybe by our next anniversary I will have it all finished…:)  Speaking of our next anniversary, I think we have nailed down our next vacay!  Woot Woot!  My incredibly smart hubby knows that keeping me busy with planning & the like keeps me out of trouble.  After all, happy wife = happy life, right?

Until we are actually booking our trip, I am keeping it under wraps.  Don’t want to jinx it.  But let’s just say it involves sunny weather, a convertible, and about 1,000,000 pictures.  Of course, that last part is no real surprise.

Aside from that, we had a most amazing weekend.  Friday night, the girls & I painted faces on our pumpkins.  After that, we joined BBP in the garage for a rousing game of darts.  Guess who won?  THAT’S RIGHT.  Yours truly.  Sure, it was a fluke, but I will take what I can get!  After darts we all settled into the couch to watch a movie.

Saturday we got a late start & some welcome sleep.  Then BBP, Chloe & I planted grass seed.  Fingers crossed for some super results.  Casey went to the fair with Sam.  Mercifully, Chloe did not seem to care much about the fair, so I dodged that bullet yet another year.  Next, we went to Carolina Ale House to watch the Gamecocks beat Vandy.  We couldn’t watch at home due to that pesky Dish Network/Fox dispute.  If they take away BBP’s news channel, things could get ugly.  Here’s hoping they work it out sooner rather than later.

Sunday we relaxed, then BBP & I went for a long neighborhood walk.  Since we couldn’t get enough of the beautiful weather, we loaded up the van & went to the park for a dinner picnic.  Eating, football tossing, and rolling down grassy hills ensued. 

What an amazing weekend!

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