Paris: Day 9 thousand and 2

At this point, we are starting to feel like this vacay is taking on a life of its own. 

On our way back to our hotel, we were in the subway and one of the most memorable things happened.  The train was already overcrowded, and a group of children on a field trip were waiting to board.  Instead of waiting for the next train, the teacher instructed the kids to shove on to the train until we literally did not have standing room.  One of the children started laughing at the predicament of being in a train that was bursting at the seams…then another started.  Then another.  I guess when they say “laughter is contagious”, they really mean it!  Before long, the entire train, kids and adults, were roaring with laughter.  Gut busting, stitch in your side, watering eyes laughter…Brian and I included.  I am not sure if it was so memorable because of my near hysteria from being on vacation for so long, or what, but the experience was surreal. 

After our hysterical laughing experience, we made our way back to our room at the Renaissance Paris Vendome (our home base for the trip).   Hip Hip Hooray to being back in the land of good bedding:

It was another hot, hot, hot day in Paris.  So naturally, we set out to find our dacquiri hot spot cool spot at American Dreams Cafe.  We couldn’t find it.  Instead, we found another American Dream come true:

CHEESEBURGERS!  They were delish. 

After eating, we walked back towards our hotel & deliberated on what to do this fine evening.  We still had a few things left on our bucket list, but not sure exactly what we were ready for tonight…

Shopping did not make the cut.  Sniff Sniff.

Oh well.  We meandered our way down to the Seine River, and saw that we were definitely in good company…

People were everywhere! 

We had a snack & did some additional walking around by the waterfront…

Check out the bridge in the background.  It is the Pont Neuf, and all those little specks are PEOPLE.  We had to investigate further…

Shazamm!  That bridge was literally COVERED in people!  In fact, as the evening wore on, everywhere we looked was COVERED in people.

After walking around, we finally decided what we wanted to do:  catch a night cruise on the Seine.  The place where we thought we could go was all sold out.  So, after some more…you guessed it…walking around, this is where we ended up (without a moment to spare):

And here is some stuff we saw on our cruise…

The bridge with “faces”

Armed guards walking on the roof of the Louvre…Had these guys been here all along & I just never noticed? 

The old train station, turned museum (D’Orsay)…also one of my favorite buildings while walking around Paris

Two crazy tourists (a.k.a. US!)

Seriously.  This needs no explanation

Salsa lessons by the Seine…One thing I wished we had done

The boat cruise was fun, but the fumes were unpleasant from our boat as well as the other boats on the water.  If it had been any longer than an hour, I would have probably gotten annoyed.  But all in all, a good experience.

After our boat cruise, we decided to try and rent a bike to ride back to our hotel.  We hadn’t done this yet, and Brian was itching to try out the rental bikes.

Sadly our credit card did not have the right kind of chip, so we were unable to try out these bad boys.  Oh well.

We continued on foot back towards our hotel, and decided to head over to the Opera District and grab one of the now world-famous-in-our-minds dacquiris.  Sadly we arrived just at closing time.  Insert womp womp womp sound effects here.

So, we strolled back to our hotel (still thirsty) and called it a night. 

We had our last full day in Paris tomorrow, and still a lot of ground to cover.  Next stop:  day trip to Versailles, and a little something romantical on the Pont Neuf Bridge!

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